Dry Cleaning

At Full Steam Ahead, we offer a full service dry cleaning menu, from casual attire to business wear, suits and tuxedos, evening dresses and other garments. Our team of professionals have a high attention to detail and take a specialised approach to preserve the quality and appearance of your clothing.

Dry cleaning is a gentle yet effective way to clean delicate fabrics without causing damage. Our advanced dry cleaning techniques ensure the longevity of your clothes, protecting colours, textures and shape.


Nothing looks smarter and feels better than freshly ironed clothes. Even a simple white T-shirt is instantly elevated with a thorough press and finish, not a wrinkle in sight. We provide fast and efficient ironing services for all of your clean garments. As experts in ironing, Full Steam Ahead’s team know precisely what is needed to remove creases from every type of fabric, including tuxedos and evening gowns. Let us do the hard work for you, plus we enjoy it!


Not all delicate fabrics require dry cleaning, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need special attention. From wool to cashmere, silk and embellished items, we are well-trained in laundering specialised fabric types and unique garments. Don’t bother with confusing care instructions on the tag – when in doubt bring your garment into Full Steam Ahead to avoid damage and ensure its longevity. We also offer standard drop-and-go laundry services.

Special Garments

We have extensive knowledge working with silks, satins and delicate fibres, heavily detailed hand-finished items, specialist skins, leathers and suedes and combinations of these materials. Many valued customers trust us to clean and preserve their wedding gowns and launder their formal wear, owing to our expertise and care with specialised fabrics.

Our specialised cleaning services in Perth include, but are not limited to:

  • Curtains and drapery
  • Leather and suede goods
  • Racing leathers
  • Wedding gowns
  • Formal wear such as evening dresses and tuxedos
  • Costumes and traditional attire
  • Home textiles


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