Vic Park’s Favourite
place to do your laundry!

For more than 15 years, we have been running Full Steam Ahead – delivering exceptional laundry, dry cleaning and garment care services in Perth that meet the demands of daily life.

As an established family business, we have taken our time to engage with the community and understand customers all have different requirements. Some simply don’t have space for a washing machine at home and will bring in an everyday load to laundry themselves. Others may be time poor and prefer to have their washing and folding taken care of. Many customers come to us as the trusted experts in dry cleaning and special garment care. To meet these diverse needs, we have established both a do-it-yourself Perth laundromat and customer-centred service desk with a menu tailored to textile type and function.

Full Steam Ahead is proud of the reputation we have earned in WA for providing first-class laundry and dry cleaning services to local customers, corporate clients, hotel chains, Airbnb operators and commercial businesses through our retail division. We’ve made looking after our customers part of our operating philosophy and our success lies in our single minded purpose to deliver quality and attention to detail to each and every individual who walks through our doors.

Our Perth laundromat is fitted with Dexter commercial machines that are sanitised daily and serviced regularly, guaranteeing a fresh clean cycle after cycle. To make things as convenient as possible for our wide-ranging customer base, we have extended opening hours for self-use services and provide a comfortable space for you to chill out while your clothes are on spin.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure our services are as environmentally friendly as possible. This has included adopting the method of wet cleaning, which is a popular new alternative to dry cleaning because of its eco friendly properties. Wet cleaning does not use harsh chemicals or strong smells, making it gentler on clothes, kinder to the planet and better for personal health. It is suitable for use on all garments and textiles, including leather, suede and delicate items, and is both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Our washers and dryers also run off solar energy.

At Full Steam Ahead, comprehensive customer service is not just something we talk about; it is the backbone of our operations. We consistently monitor our quality through our customers’ feedback and we work in strong partnership with all our suppliers. With the introduction of experienced account managers, we keep in regular contact with our customers to ensure we are consistently meeting expectations and delivering on quality.. Of course, our successful results would not be possible if not for our valued staff and their commitment to making Full Steam Ahead the go-to, one stop shop in Perth for countless happy clients.

Let us do the hard work for you!